Recent Photos


Nice day for a drive

Nice day to put the top down and go for a drive.


Z06 rig

A few more with the rig on the Z06


One from the rig

This was a rig shot done over the weekend.

July wedding

First wedding of July featured a violin trio
Edmonds Yacht Club wedding

Portrait session

Had a portrait session with two young actors
Kiera in Lake Wilderness

Last time

This is really the last one like this for a while.

Practically Summer today

Spent a good part of the day at a car show in Duvall today. Then it was time to arrange the cars so the convertible is added into the rotation. It is a lot more work than it sounds. There are 2 lifts involved and a carefully planned execution to get the convertible from the top of the back lift out to the bottom spot in front. So then some relaxing in the back yard to enjoy the summer weather.
Summer Toes